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Style is so Subjective-

Don't believe it if you're not feeling it!

Do you remember the show What Not To Wear?

If you haven't, the basic premise is the “fashion disaster” gets nominated by their friends and family to go on the TLC show and get a big makeover. They tore you down before they built you back up-trashing the things you loved before you got the $5,000 shopping spree. 


 Ugggh-so many moments in that show were terrible, but here's the one that sticks with me the most. The big reveal would come and 9 out of 10 of the participants were elated with their new style. And then there were the ones that weren't. 


See the after pic below. She may have on clothing that was trending at the time, but she sure doesn't look happy.

What Not To Wear before and after

I'm not here to debate the look she had before or the job she needed to dress for, but I can tell you that you can find YOU while maintaining all the parameters you need to show up in the world. 

Wanna know the best tip?

You're face will tell you the truth!

Whether you are in your closet or in a store, when you put your clothing on and look in the mirror 3 things are going to happen.


1st thing that may happen?

You will scrinch up for your face, looking at all the parts of you that

you aren't a fan of. (Yes, scrinch is a word in my world!) 

Probably a good sign that you don't like it for many reasons. But before you take it off and throw it on the floor, let's look at why.  Is this a color issue? Size? Fabric? Style? 

Style takes a little more thought-too frilly? Too classic? Too boho? Too I'm-not-sure-but-I-don't-like-white-button-up-shirts! 


The salesperson may tell you how good it looks, your friend may tell you how good it looks, but if you're not feeling it, then honor that. 


Let's go for this look instead...hopefully this may be the

2nd thing that will happen (after you take off that other outfit!😜)

You will smile and feel the warmth of feeling good all the way down to your belly!

This happens a lot when we're in your closet and you grab your favorite things. You gasp and say “oh! I love that shirt, it makes me feel really pretty” or “ahhh…this is my favorite color” or my favorite “this piece makes me feel powerful!”


Again, let's look at the why. Do you prefer traditional seaming a the shoulder for a classic look vs a drop shoulder casual vibe? Do those summer pastels make you smile? This is huge in giving you direction when you shop!


3rd thing that may happen

You want to like it, you want to get a bit out of your comfort zone, 

but you're not sure.

This gets a little trickier, but here's a good way to figure it out. When you look at yourself, are you looking at you or the clothing?

When you zero in on the parts of you that you don't like ( ugg-I can see the lumpy bits of my thighs/I don't like sleeveless because of my arms) then that is ALL you will be thinking about when you wear this outfit. 


If you are looking at the clothing and wondering, you are on the right track!

You may say “I can't wear this, I've never worn bright colors”, let me challenge you on that.  I was wearing autumn pallets for 25 years before I had my colors done and turns out I'm a winter. Do I look good in ivory, sure, but I look great in white! Do I look fine in rust or olive, sure, but I look amazing in bright cobalt. 


Perhaps you're thinking “I don't wear things this dressy”. I say sometimes it's ok to be the best dressed person in the room! 


Honestly, it's all so subjective, but if any part of you a little bit excited about going out of your comfort zone, then I say try it!! 

If you want to talk about the nitty gritty details behind this philosophy, shoot me a message-I can help you decide if it's just too much, or you just need that little push. 


At the end of the day, I just want to make sure your don't feel like that What Not To Wear woman up at the top. The experts told her what looked good, what she needed, and she wasn't happy. 


Life is way to short for that kind of nonsense!

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