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What can we do together?

What do you need most? Or better question, what annoys you the most when you go to get dressed every morning?

Your closet and wardrobe should evolve as your life evolves! 

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at things every morning for a life you may not live any more and for a body that you may not be happy with. 

In our time together we will work on your specific  concerns and frustrations, which may include one or more of the following...

Cleanse and Edit your Closet

I will show up and present to you each piece for you to make decisions about. This piece by piece assessment through the lens of who you are right now, how you need to show up in the world and does this piece reflect that. 

Sounds complicated?

Not really, you've already done a bit of homework with my  Style Workbook, so you already have a better handle on your closet than before we started working together. I will then organize as you put things you want to keep based on how you life your life and what makes things easier for you!

Clarify or Capsule your Wardrobe

How would you like to double your wardrobe without a ton of shopping?

It is so fun do go in and reimagine your clothing and expand your style.

This is where you learn  integration  and intentional list building  for your shopping.

Personal Shopping

Shopping- you either love it or hate it. Most of the time we shop willy-nilly, buying pieces that are destined to the "toss" pile in a year.

Together we look at what you need to fill the gaps and you learn why you really like what you like and more importantly, what you don't.

You will learn how to become a much more intentional shopper. 

Remember, good purgers don't necessarily make good shoppers.

Let's save you time and money by doing it right!


Based on our initial phone call, we can decide what your package will include:

15-page Style Workbook-regardless of what you need, this will lay the foundation for our work together. 

In person wardrobe and/or closet intensive with hands on expertise, advice and encouragement.

Transfer and drop off of your unwanted clothing to

local non profits (receipt will be provided).

Personal Shopping will include me pre-shopping so we can use our time together wisely!


2 hours: $329 

4 hours: $589

*6 hours: $809 



*2 separate appointments are strongly suggested for bigger closet

or deeper needs. We can assess how to use your 6 hours,

but it will usually encompass all services.

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