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I'm Monika Nielsen. So glad to meet you! 

I've spent most of my adult life shopping-organizing-purging-shopping...

you get the drift. I've been helping women clean their closets/find

their style for decades, I've known the "why" and helped so many move past it.


But to move forward and not keep making those same mistakes?

That's the magic.

And until I walked through the emotional roller coaster of life and how I sabotaged myself every morning...could I really understand the "why's."


It's always the breaking point that teaches us the most! 

I remember standing naked in my closet, so frustrated that I couldn't find anything to wear. I was searching for something to feel just a little bit cute and put together...couldn't even fathom feeling beautiful.

The angst around my changing sizes, that I could not control, was so overwhelming-there was chaos in my head every time I walked in to my closet. The way I beat myself up every morning over something as dumb as the size of my pants set me up for annoyance and frustration.  


I was sabotaging myself by having a closet full of clothes that did not fit me for who I was right here and right now. 

It's always been easy for me to get rid what I no longer wear.

But at some point, clothing became wrapped around my self worth.

Something had to change.


I knew had to rearrange my space for the choices I have now...not the future I wanted. Untangle the old stories of who I was based on what I could fit in. Remind myself that my closet and wardrobe should evolve as my life evolves. 

I gained control of the chaos of my situation by creating calm on the outside, which in turn helped me feel calm on the inside.


I know I'm not the only one.

I’ve been in this industry for 25 + years and helped hundreds of women clear their closet and discover (or rediscover!) their style.

We honor the memories of what you have, donate thoughtfully what you are ready to pass on and figure out who you are and how you want to show up. 


Whether it’s your closet or wardrobe, I am confident we can get you to a place where you can breathe again… finding peace in your space and

being excited to start the day.

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