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Are you ready to drop the guilt and frustration in your closet and

wardrobe and imagine getting dressed quickly, surrounded by choices,
AND feel beautiful?

I know…its overwhelming. You think you need to spend your whole weekend with clothing, shoes and bags all over the floor of your closet, spilling into your bedroom while you make the tough decisions of “should I try this on first?” or “will I need it someday?”


You downloaded a list off the internet, tried to follow it and became more and more discouraged. I know, I’ve been there. The problem is that those lists are often so vague, the nuance that is your life (and your body!) are missing. 

“Throw away anything you haven’t worn in 6 months” they say. But wait-what about those things you don’t wear very often, but kinda need?

 “Every woman needs_______ in their wardrobe,” they insist. Hold on! You don’t even like white button up shirts. (As you're looking at the 2 you bought last year – must’ve been the same list. 😊)



Is there a way to get a handle on this closet easily? Can it be done in just a few hours instead of all day, or all weekend? Can you learn why it keeps inching out of control, perhaps a process to teach the “Why” instead of the “How’?


Could you imagine it not only organized, but filled with choices that fit you and that you love? Like your own personal boutique curated specially for you!


Announcing The Virtual Closet Session. A 15-page Style Workbook, alongside a 1-hour Zoom will bring you the answers you need before you confront your closet. The perfect program to tackle the clarity amongst the chaos.

This Virtual Session not for everyone, but it is perfect if...

  • you live outside the Denver Metro area.

  • you want a jump start to figuring out why purging your closet has been so difficult in the past and you’re tired of scouring the internet to get some “tips and tricks.” 

  • you have a handle on your closet and just need the clarity piece. You are a good purger, but you need to stop the cycle of shopping all the time, looking for the perfect piece. Only to find a closet full of clothes you don’t really care about. 

Virtual is not for you if...

  • you are tired of feeling frustrated and just want it done. In Person Sessions will have your closet sorted out in 2-4 hours. You will get the same clarity with your Style Workbook, but I will be there going piece by piece while you sit and make decisions. PLUS, I take your donations with me to distribute to local nonprofits. 

  • you have a closet you haven’t touched in a while. You’re not sure what you have and if it’s good for the life you live and the body you have right now. 

  • you need a higher level of support and encouragement to go through the memories and emotions that come with a closet cleanse. 

Ready to get started? Ready to break the cycle of buying just to purge it next year? Better yet, are you ready to drop the guilt in your closet, honor the memories of what you’re holding on to and get sorted out and set up? Click below to get your 15-page workbook and 1-hour Zoom for only $199. 

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably
looking for some answers.
You’d like to know if it even matters?

Ask Steph.

How would it feel
to FEEL like you again?

Or ask Alex.

We spent 3 hours on a Saturday together which propelled her to finish the rest of her closets and dressers. Empowered with clarity and the knowledge of WHY she shopped so randomly, she won’t be in this position again!

And Annie.

I couldn’t possibly add any more to her reflection on our time together and the difference it made.


Are you thinking the Virtual Session is for you? This should help you know it will be an investment well made! 

Not sure which is best? A 15-minute call can give you AND me an idea if we would be a good fit. 

If In Person is the way to go, we’ll decide and proceed from there. 

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Meet Monika

Why do you feel I’ve been reading your mind this whole time? Because I’ve been there! I've spent most of my adult life get the drift. I've been helping women clean their closets/find their style for decades, I've known the "how" and helped so many move past it.

But to move forward and not keep making those same mistakes? That's the magic.

And until I walked through the emotional roller coaster of life and how I sabotaged myself every morning...could I really understand the "why's."

That’s why I developed a 15-page workbook to help you really nail down why you are so annoyed in your closet, so discontent in your wardrobe. I’ve been in this industry for 25+ years and helped hundreds of women clear their closet and discover (or rediscover!) their style. Together, we will honor the memories of what you have, donate thoughtfully what you are ready to pass on and figure out who you are and how you want to show up. 


Whether it’s your closet or wardrobe, I am confident we can get you to a place where you can breathe again… finding peace in your space and the joy in getting dressed.

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