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The only difference between a rut and the grave is the dirt in your face.

Have you heard this expression? I remember reading that in a motivational book several years ago and thought…dang…that's a little extreme. It was basically telling you to go for it/do the thing/take the risk. Good messaging, right?

But it's interesting, as I continue to help women in their closets, I'm seeing the boredom when they talk about their wardrobes. Uninspired by their choices. A bias toward basics.

The dependence on what's safe.

In a rut.

Great, so now what?

Unfortunately, the default is to go out and buy something that will spice things up. But do you know what happens 9/10 times? The thing that is purchased is the so close to what they already have. Same sweater in a different color. Another scarf, brighter color(!), but they really don't wear scarves much anymore.

So it's aimlessly shopping, hoping they can find the thing that makes them swoon.

When is the last time you looked at yourself and swooned?😊

It's possible you know! To have choices in your closet and LOVE getting ready in the morning. To catch yourself in the mirror and smile. To feel like a million bucks, even if your top was from the sale rack for $21.99! Let's see what we can do about it.

Style Ruts can be solved 2 ways.

You can reimagine existing pieces OR try something new.

Reimagine the clothing you already have.

This is where another set of eyes can make a huge difference. When we're in your closet, we look at everything piece by piece-making sure it reflects who you are and how you want to show up. If it makes the cut, we get to play!! Play with color, pattern, fabric. Mixing and matching in ways you wouldn't have thought.

Will some of it be outside your comfort zone? Maybe?

But guess what…it's with pieces you already own. No risk!

I tell my clients to wear it to go to the grocery. Seriously.

Low emotional investment-it's not like you're wearing it to work or to a party. But you'll get a feel for it as you see yourself half a dozen times…in the mirror at produce, the reflection of the doors in the frozen section. See what you think!

BONUS-you didn't spend any money on new pieces yet so you can have the freedom of trying it out without the guilt of another thing you won't wear.


Trying something new can be a bit nerve wracking.

But we're not going for something too far out there. (But isn't her necklace gorgeous!🎉)

I know-you have things you thought would be the “new thing” that is still sitting in your closet. This is why you will have all these light bulb moments when we go through your wardrobe. You will realize you don't like a certain neckline or that you'll never be the dry clean girl even thought you like silk blouses.

So in the search for something new, I strongly suggest looking at your wardrobe, seeing where there may be holes and looking at what could integrate well.

(And if the thought of that overwhelms you-that's what I'm here for.)

But I know you can start with a bit of online research or some in person shopping. Has a piece caught your eye, but you're not really sure? Start with Pinterest. Key words will bring up tons of visuals. Example- short blazer, sneakers.

See what comes up…

You'll feel it in your gut. Usually it's a clear “no way” or

“so cute”! For all the in between, you need to get out there and try it on. Again-trust your gut. If you are looking in the mirror and you're face scrunches up, you know you're not going to wear it. If you are seeking affirmation from the salesperson over and over? You're not going to wear it. Let's keep looking. We'll find it!

So here's to putting together a plan so you can have that swoon worthy feeling-it's an incredible way to start your day!

When we work together, you will get a 15 page Style Workbook that goes through quite a bit of the

“Why's” and when we get together, we work on the “How's”. If you're ready to chat about your concerns and frustrations,

click the contact me page and lets set up a time to chat. Consultations are always free.

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