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The chaos in your closet is killing you - "too much" edition.

What is your gut reaction when you see this picture? Annoyance? Frustration? Irritation?

Now imagine trying to get ready every single day wading through this, with limited time, and maximum stress.

Is it no wonder that we grab what's closest, what's just "good enough"?

FYI - statistically we wear only 28% of our wardrobe. When we have too much, its even less.

Think about it, you wear your favorites, put them in the laundry, then put it on the top of the pile.

Yes, you're dressed. But do you feel confident? Do you feel beautiful? Do you feel productive?

I have a 15 page workbook to walk you through the Cleanse and Edit process, but here's a quick tip.


Find 5 things you don't wear. Don't just toss it in the donate bin. Figure out why you don't like it. Is it the color? Cut? Fabric?

Don't like how the way the elastic fits on the crook of your elbow? Can't figure out why you keep buying floral tops? Why do you like Boho style, but feel like they always overwhelm your frame?

PAY ATTENTION to the details! Then, please don't skip this, write it down.

Physically writing it down creates a sticky bit in your brain that will help you remember what you don't like as you're shopping. You will be less likely to get sucked in to the sale rack.😆


Stay tuned for the next steps.

Let me know what you think- are you surprised by some of the things sitting in your closet?

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