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One of the biggest myths I hear...

“If my closet was clean/organized, I'd be happy getting dressed", otherwise known as “Clean closet-Happy me”.😜

Most of us don't have this kind of closet and let's face it, if we did we'd probably fill it up and still not be able to find what we needed. 


I'm thoroughly convinced that we are like goldfish and will expand to our surrounding! If you missed my advice on “boundary methods” for your closet, click here. 


I'm sure you've experienced it. You go from your 1st small apartment to that bigger one, or even a house, and you're amazed at how much space you have- them BAM! That too big closet is suddenly full.

I still shocked at how I survived my little bitty closet when we lived in Arlington, Va. Tiny 1940's house with even tinier closet. I must've had more dressers, but I can't remember!😂😂


Regardless of how you started out- here you are standing in front of closets full of clothes and thinking, "I have nothing to wear!"


It's so common -it's several meme's and many GIF's. So how do you get out from it?

The problem isn't the quantity of our clothes but the quality of our wardrobe planning. And before you think I'm jumping on the minimalist train, hear me out…are you just filling your closet, or are you strategically building a wardrobe?



Ask yourself a couple of things before you start shopping, because you need to have at least some intention going into it. 


Why you shop is the first step in building an efficient wardrobe. Do you shop when you're feeling FOMO on the trends? Bored? Sad? Mad? I filled up a guest room closet in a year by shopping whenever I was mad at my hubby for whatever reason. Whenever we weren't doing well, I was at the mall. Not really addressing the issues and then being in debt wasn't the best choice either. 😳 

(luckily we've worked through that and laugh about it now!)


When you figure out why, you can usually make choices that  add value to your wardrobe, instead of shopping “just because”.


Who are you shopping for? By that I mean which part of you…work you? Casual you? Special occasion you? Understanding the context in which you'll wear your clothes will help you make more targeted purchases. You won't get sucked into that new Spring dress display when you are there to buy something more work appropriate. 

I love being able to bring my clothing across all parts of my life, but sometimes I need to stay on the straight and narrow with a plan. 


What are you shopping for? Before you scroll, or go shopping in person, remind yourself of what you have or see what you need. Take that extra few minutes and get a good look at what's already in your closet. There are times when I wanted that hit of shopping and realized I have more than enough-it cultivated gratitude for me.

But if there are things you need, figure it out before you shop!

Do you need a blue tank top to match that sweater you never wear? Or perhaps a lightweight jacket for spring because all you have are sweatshirts? Identifying gaps in your wardrobe will keep you focused and purposeful.

Moral of the story is to make a list and be intentional!

Building a wardrobe isn't just about buying clothes—it's about making strategic decisions that reflect the life you live and honoring the body you have. If you're ready to transform your closet from a mere storage space to a carefully curated wardrobe, reply back and let me know your biggest closet or wardrobe annoyances.


We can get you to a place where you love getting dressed again! 

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