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Style And Closet Coaching that helps you figure out who you are,
how you need to show up in the world and if your wardrobe reflects that.
So you can drop the angst of getting dressed every morning and
be surrounded by beautiful choices that represent you and the life you live!
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I'm Monika Nielsen. So glad to meet you! 

I’ve been in this industry for 25 + years and helped hundreds of women clear their closet and discover (or rediscover!) their style. Whether it’s your closet or wardrobe, I am confident we can get you to a place where you can breathe again… finding peace in your space and joy in getting ready in the morning.

We have things to do, being annoyed in your closet every morning shouldn't be one of them!


What I do for you

The goal is to Purge, Polish and Perfect.


Purge  Letting go, or setting aside the clothing that doesn't fit the life you live or the body you have-right now. This is not about losing, it's about gaining clarity and room to breathe. 

Polish   Rediscover the gems hiding in your wardrobe. We'll shine a light on forgotten favorites and reveal new combinations that speak to who you are now. It's time to see your clothes with fresh, appreciative eyes.


​We'll curate a collection that feels like coming home to yourself. Imagine opening your wardrobe to find only items that make you feel confident, comfortable, and utterly you.

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Why work with me?

As a first generation purger, I understand the emotional connection we have to our things. We wore them during a certain times of our life, we paid a lot of money for them, we feel like we will get back in them or back to them soon. Your closet is a personal and vulnerable space. We will walk through your space together with respect and thoughtfulness through the process.


A big part of my business is making sure that the things you no longer need go to local charities. Giving to someone in need is a life-changing experience!


Dress for Success, the Assistance League of Denver, and other local non-profits are all amazing organizations that have boots on the ground and change people's lives.


Our Goals

A closet filled with possibility, not pressure. Every hanger holds a piece that resonates with who you are and how you need to show up in the world-right now-today.  Getting dressed becomes a joy, not a chore. You'll face each day surrounded by choices that lift you up and reflect the bold, brave beautiful woman you are!

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How can I help?

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Did you know that statistically we wear 23% of our wardrobe?

Let me help! A 2-hour appointment, with the goal of pulling clothing from your closet that are in great condition but you are no longer wearing. We'll create space in your closet so you can breathe. Pulling the things that don't work for you and making sure those get donated to local nonprofits, getting them into the hands of people who need them.

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Are you a closet stander? The person who stands there looking, but unsure what to put together? Let's shop from your closet! Strategically assessing your personality, your body and your lifestyle-Putting together a wardrobe that you can easily Grab & Go. Finding your needs and holes in your wardrobe so you can shop with intention.

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Are you on a quest for something specific but don't have time? The perfect dress for an event? The perfect pair of denim for girls weekend? I have my finger on the pulse of local boutiques so we can support our fellow women in business!

What people are saying

"Our Shopping day was a blast!

It was so nice to have Monika pick pieces out for me and make the initial decision of what I should try on. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed when shopping and she made the experience SO easy!

I absolutely love all the pieces I purchased and feel a sense of calm when I reach in my closet now!"

Casey - Denver, CO
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